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UO Evolution – 5th Anniversary

UO Evolution – 5th Anniversary in January!

It has been a long journey…I can’t believe we are celebrating 5 glorious years!

As many of you know we are about to celebrate our 5th year online on the weekend of January 15th-17th. We will have a big reunion with all of our old players. Everyone is invited back to check out the progress and success of UO Evolution.

We will be running special staff events and giving away may unique anniversary prizes.

We are very excited to see a record of 548 players online last month and an avg of 350+ daily!

The shard has prospered and improved 100% since the revert and the player base has at least doubled. It is absolutely better than it ever was. We have 99% uptime and almost zero crashes since Kane has taken over the scripting. Most of the major systems have been completely rewritten or improved.

Kane and the staff have made over 100+ new shard content updates in 12 months and run several events daily

We just did another content update, if you would like to follow along with the development of UO Evolution, you can now view the Development Logs here

We are the #1 custom era shard for 5 years straight, and we can all be proud of that accomplishment!

This is YOUR shard!

We are committed to running the best custom UO freeshard and are focused on customer service and player satisfaction! If you
have had any issues with old staff, banned account or left for any reason, please contact Dante to resolve the issue.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Dante, Zoe, Kane, Expo, Domino, Zeus, and Joker

Event Schedule

Also make sure you like us on facebook. We are going to start running more daily events and will post times on facebook and

to the front page of the website to keep you up to date!/pages/UO-Evolution-Ultima-Online-Free-Shard/195686500452241

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