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Jurassic Park Island Event!

New Jurassic Park Island Event in Termur, Scary new Dinosaurs and Monsters to run from! New area is on the moongate and events are announced daily!

Jurassic Park Island Event

Added new Jurassic Park Dinosaurs and Monsters

*Tyrannasaurus Rex Boss
*Indominus Rex Boss
*Giant Crocodile
*Giant Lizard
*Giant Iguana

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UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard shared Jeff Carley's post. ...

I think one of my vendors on uo evolution is moonlighting in Taiwan!

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I saw this cartoon and it made me feel really old, it seems like this was just yesterday! BUT, on the bright side Ultima Online is still the oldest MMORPG and with free shards like UO Evolution continue to keep it alive! I may be a little bias, but I think UO Evolution "is better than the Original!" ...

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